I have known and worked with Dawn Joy for the past 10 years. As a professor, consultant and group/team facilitator, Dawn brings knowledge, inspiration, and effectiveness to her work with a wide variety of client populations, She is regarded as a quintessential professional in the various areas of individual (coaching), group, and organizational effectiveness. Through her own vast experience in teaching and consulting, she has internalized the critical balance of addressing both Task and Relationship issues, making her one of those unique and sought-after individuals in the world of consulting and learning. Her understanding of the need for critical and strategic thinking, coupled with her knowledge of personality and leadership models, makes her  versatile and responsive to client requirements.

My recommendation of Dawn is without reservation.

Peter J. Smyth, Ph.D.
Co-author of Reflective Leadership and High-Performance Organizations (2012)

I have known and worked with Dawn Coburn Joy for over 15 years. Ms Joy has provided executive coaching services to select staff in my organization, as well as conducted multiple training programs to a number of departments within my organization.

Feedback from managers and staff alike has always been extremely positive. Ms. Joy is an excellent presenter and coach. She has helped our staff understand themselves and in turn how they affect and interact with others. This then helps the department take a critical look at how they work together and what next steps are required to make them a high performing team.

Again, I highly recommend Ms. Joy and Coburn Consulting and Resources.

Rochelle L. Krowinski, RN, MSW, MPH, FACHE
Chief Executive Officer

For the past 12 years, Stairways Behavioral Health has relied on the experience and expertise of Dawn Coburn Joy, CEO of Coburn Consulting Resources, to assist us with organizational development in the ever-changing field of mental health.  During that time, Dawn facilitated numerous team-building workshops for Stairways and provided countless face-to-face and telephone mentoring opportunities for key employees.

The instruments she uses in her customized workshops clearly illustrates the value that each individual brings to a team. She is masterful in guiding any group to understand and embrace diversity (style, skills, communication, experience, leadership, etc.) as the bedrock of a well-functioning team.

Dawn has been an exceptional listener and sounding-board for Stairways’ leadership and for me personally in my work to develop and encourage better functioning teams. I have honed my leadership style through her keen insights and continue to value her advice.

Mary Ellen Dahlkemper
Chief Executive Officer
Stairways Behavioral Health

"Over a period of over 10 years I have worked with Dawn Joy as an associate in the field of improving business performance through enhancing the skills and competencies of people.

As a consultant, facilitator and solution-designer, Dawn is a consummate professional. She contributes real value to her clients through her balance between understanding the “hard” requirements of business and the “soft” issues relating to personal, interpersonal, relationship management, leadership and team development dynamics.

Dawn has the ability to accurately analyze causes of problems, and design effective solutions through the application of her extensive knowledge and experience. Her ability to listen and understand sets her apart from other practitioners, and is the foundation upon which she builds strong, lasting relationships with her clients, to mutual benefit.

Dawn has also developed a national and international team of associates whose collective expertise is available to her clients, enabling Coburn Consulting and Resources to service assignments of any scale."

Anthony Galloway.
Managing Director
Omni Learning (Pty) Ltd
South Africa.

We met with Dawn for 4 three-hour sessions over a several month period. During this time, inter-team communication improved significantly and these gains have been lasting. The time we spent together and the skills we learned with Dawn’s help, was an outstanding investment.

Jeffrey Yates
Director -Individual Gifts Team, Roswell Park Alliance Foundation