The questionnaire is available online, it takes between 10 and 15 minutes to complete and enables learners to receive their highly personalized Lumina Portrait which accurately describes their persona. It helps them explore their own unique qualities and provides them with a practical method for ‘reading’ other
people. When we know ourselves and we have the skills to appreciate others, we can then begin to refine our behaviors to meet the needs of the situation and significantly improve our relationships and teamwork.

Lumina Spark’s simple and memorable color language gives everybody a common foundation for talking about behavior. This approach raises self awareness. Using this new knowledge, individuals can develop their
interpersonal skills which contribute to a positive ‘can do’ team spirit. When this builds a critical mass, breakthroughs begin to happen in team dynamics and leadership style. We pride ourselves on the fact that every Lumina Portrait is unique to the individual. It describes how an individual’s preferences for
using the four color energies impacts their behavior and performance at work. In addition to highlighting the strengths to build on, it also shines the light of awareness on potential blind spots. All Lumina Spark interventions end with a powerful action planning process to ensure positive commitments are tracked using ‘My Lumina Online’. We believe that ongoing support is crucial in sustaining continuous change.

For clients who have invested in other Jungian approaches, Lumina Spark is available through a Jungian lens. When Lumina Spark is integrated into existing programs in this way, clients report that the practical application of the core Jungian messages is significantly enhanced.